Feburary 18, 2018 at 6:17 PM

things to remember

- water puppies
- daddy warbucks
- crop top pics
- 🤢🤢🤢
- you need to buy shampoo
- do not spend all your money at target
- 2/19/19 💏
- advt 411 campagin project proposal due 2/22

mãezinha 💛

Feburary 20, 2018 at 5:35 PM

Hey, Dacey. It's Mama. Just wanted to call you before bed and say I love you. And I miss you. Things are too quiet around here without you and Gabe running around. Are you sure you want to stay in San Fran? You can always find a job in the city, I'm sure. I'm just ranting because your dad doesn't want to go out this Friday. I'll stop talking now, eu sei como você odeia mensagens de voz, mas eu não pude resistir. Call me back Dace.
Call Back
battle mercy 💉
wyatt, where are you?
jk no i'm good, it was good, class is just beating me in to a pulp. i'm about to sell crystals for a living.
it was just "good"? yikes...
i don't wanna seem too eager, because i'm just so used to dropping everyone for you know who
idk how to stop. i want to, but like i went there last night and did what i always do. he's never gonna grow up, and the new boy is real sweet. he seems to actually be in to me, and likes doing stupid little things. we got lunch on monday, he came over the other night and kissed me. it just feels too good to be true, y'know?
dacey, you need to stop running from good things. you need to stop thinking you can fix your ex. you can't, no one can. he has to want it. it's not worth always going back to him because you're afraid of trying something new.
don't shut out new guy, he might be good for you.
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njdevils Thursday Night Hockey at the Rock!
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bklien9 Cool snag duchene while you’re in town.
jazzmynkayak I’ll be there!! Hopefully we play well!! 🖤❤️😈
motherwright94 look at my beautiful daughter 🙀
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shirlsnj67 Wow! She's beautiful Julie
gabrielwright @daceyw lol
i got a crush on u 🤢

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