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april 7, 2018

there's really nothing better than eating tacos on the beach with one of your favorite humans.

april 4, 2018


april 2, 2018

just a hot guy and his hotdog @yoursdruly

april 1, 2018

HER BED @rocketroccoon. happy easter, from my best friend to yours.

march 31, 2018

hiding in MY BED. if only he was a big panda bear, but i guess a girl can dream.

march 30, 2018

i love u boo boo

march 29, 2018

my muse, my love, MY LIFE, @alliecat. me and joe love you to the moon and back.

march 28, 2018

taking in all the beautiful scenery at epcot. i don't want to leeeave!

march 22, 2018

how beautiful are you, ro? thank you for being one of my truest friends. i love you, you poetic, noble, land mermaid.

march 20, 2018

@megasaurus is saving me from "working" too hard. ily <3

march 18, 2018

should i make him his own instagram? i think i should. you should do it. okay then it's settled.

march 14, 2018

my happy place